Welcome to my Faux Blog

October 10, 2017

Among the many things going on in September, Book and Puppet opened in Easton PA, go see this store if you possibly can. It's not just that they sell my jewelry and have it beautifully displayed in the front of the store-the whole store is a wonderland for grownups and children alike. I'll update my shop pages soon, but you heard it first here in my new faux blog.


This blog is faux because it's really just me rambling on a page of my website. But when I used "real" blogging software it broke, so for now I'll just blather on this page until I find a better solution.

What Happened to my Blogroll?

When I launched this site I had my  Word Press Blog Wet Paint  blog feed to this page, so you didn't have to leave my website to see it. With the marvels of software updates, that stopped working. So if you want to see those older posts, you need to go to Wet Paint  at this point.