There's a reason I didn't put "Educator" on the main navigation tab; I work at 2 different institutions of higher education, and they both have their own websites. But since the work I do as an art education actually takes up the bulk of my time, I also thought that work ought to have some representation on my site.


East Stroudsburg University (ESU)

I work full time as the Supervisor of the Graphics Center at ESU.  The Graphics Center is a full service design studio and copy shop, and all of my staff are ESU undergraduate or graduate students. Teaching my staff is a huge part of my job-and a part I really love.


Northampton Community College (NCC)

I'm an adjunct in the Art Department at NCC. RTA101.

Educator Odds & Ends

I have served as a judge at Easton's Riverside Festival of the Arts, En Plein Art contest, been the featured speaker at the Carbon County Arts League and Forks Art Society. I was a painting mentor for a middlse school student as a part of a program the City of Easton was involved with a number of years back, and was a visiting artist at a local school. I'm a community educator as well as being involved in for-credit higher education.

Just for Fun

One of these days, I'll get around to teaching how to make ribbon flowers, or do a non-credit painting class at Book and Puppet on Northampton Street in Easton PA.