Fold Formed


Long and Luxurious

I use Vintaj brand natural brass chain, wire, bead cap and filigree, along with a luxurious selection of beads such as semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, shell, Czech glass, cut glass and more in these tassel necklaces.  Each has a lobster clasp at the back, which can be hooked into any link of the chain on the opposite side, making these necklaces very adjustable. I made the first one about six years ago, and have worn it countless times since in all seasons with all kinds of clothing.


 $42. for the necklace, plus $4 shipping. Please specify the item Number if you use the "Buy Now" Button.

In the gallery above, I give you two views of each necklace; one on white, where you can see the entire chain, and one on a dress of mine, cropped to the beaded portion and tassel. I give two measurements for each necklace. First, is the measurement from where the beading starts towards the top of ONE SIDE of the necklace down to the end of the tassel. The second measurement is ONE SIDE of the chain, from the lobster clasp at back to the first bead on that side. Add them up, and you get the over-all length of the necklace, from the lobster clasp at the back of the neck to the tip of the tassel. If you take a tape measure and go from the back of your neck to the front and down, you can see about where the end of the tassel will fall. I can remove some of the chain from any of these for you if you think you won't ever want it that long

Fire and Hammer

My fold-formed pieces begin with flat sheets of metal. I cut out the shapes I want to use. Then I torch them to soften, and forge with hammers, wich work-hardens the metal, and repeat as often as needed until I'm satisfied with the resulting forms.


I'm fascinated by the way the heat of the jewelers torch  affects the colors in brass. I experiment with various methods of creating finish, exploiting that natural relationship of fire and metal to create interesting patinas.


I always seal the patina in with either Vintaj Patina extender or Renaissance Wax. Finally, I of course take what I have fold-formed and incorporate it into a necklace, or put on a cord or chain to make it into a pendant.

$30. fold-formed 3 leaf necklace



Flowing Wire Studded With Beads


Semi-Precious stones, pearls, crystal, Czech glass, shell and other natural beads are hand picked to harmonize with the design of each pendant. I begin each pendant by forging a frame from a heavy gauge wire that serves as the foundation for the form. Then with thinner, more flexible wire I wrap and bead the form until I'm satisfied with the over-all composition of the work.


All pendants include a satin cord, with a hook and eye that I hand forge to match the look of the wirework in the pendant. You can choose the length and color of cord that suits your preferences. I also have Vintaj Natural Brass chain with a lobster clasp closure available, for an extra cost according to the style and length of chain. Of course, these pendants have bails tht fit most common chain and cord sizes, so you can use whatever chain or cord you like.