Fine Craft

Collage Etc.

Painting is my primary medium.

I paint every day; finding time to get all that stuff (I've been painting for over 30 years) on the web has been a challenge. I prioritize getting new work posted over trying to put up the old work, but I've just finished writing a brief outline chronology of my the various series of paintings I've done over the years, so I hope to get that up with galleries of those those older works soon.

Fine Craft

I bring what I learned from decades of Fine Art into my Fine Craft. Design elements like color, form, texture and rhythm apply no less to the decorative than to the fine arts, and I feel that my training and experience in fine art certainly influences my work in craft media.


There will be many pages of items in the Fine Craft category of the portfolio, since even items that have already sold are still portfolio pieces. The few images on this page currently are just a sampling of the kind of work that I do. The shop, on the other hand, will only have items currently available for sale.



Collage, Artist Books, Sketchbooks etc.

Collage and sketchbooks are my go-to for experimentation. I've utilized collage, sketchbooks and more for decades, so I have a lot of this kind of work-and little of it photographed or scanned and organized in a way that I can just select and upload here. Yes, I'm making excuses why this category is going to be pathetic until I can find the time to do that documenting and uploading.