Hello, 2017

I'm feeling a bit like the Frankenstein after my surgery on December 21, when I got a vacularized bone transplant in the ankle I had broken 34 years-to the day-earlier when I was hit by a car. Check out my Wet Paint Blog for sketches I made in the hospital and more.

I decided that this is a good time to do a series of studies from life. I still need to keep my ankle elevated as much to 100% of the time as possible, and I've been spending all of my time upstairs at home; so an intimate look at what is right at hand seems like a great idea. I actually already started some of these studies last year, but now I want to put my focus there. I want to just work with the sheer power of paint and see where that takes me.





View From Klein'a Lot, 13" x 17" oil on Board, 2016

Dad's Ashes, 18" 24" Oil on Board 2016

Installtion of painting commission for Sanofi-Pasteur, 2016